Pool Descriptions

Competition Pool
The 11 lane Competition Pool is kept at 81-82 degrees and is a multi- use pool; lap swim, water fitness and water therapy . The shallowest end lanes are 3.5 ft in depth and range up to 7 ft in the deepest lane. The competition pool is 25 yards long and has wide availability for users to complete their workout. Lane sharing is required during busy times.




Warm Water Pool
The Warm Water Pool is kept at 87-88 degrees. The Warm Water Activity Pool has two sections- a warm water therapy pool and a water park play area. The therapy section of the pool is 3.5 to 4.5 feet deep, 25 yards long and is perfect space for lap swimming, swimming lessons, water fitness, and aquatic therapy, features include multiple entries for diverse populations including a handicap lift, ladders, steps and slope entries.

Kids Waterpark Pool
The Kids Waterpark Pool goes from 0 depth entry beach up to 3.5 ft depth. The 0 depth area includes water park features that can be turned on by request when swim lessons and water fitness classes are not in session.

The water park is available for Birthday Parties and group functions, please contact Karen Bullock | karenb@ywcaws.org for reservations.

Parents and families are encourage to look over the youth swim guidelines and pool rules before swimming.



The Spa is located on the pool deck and has a set temperature of 102-104 degrees, the spa is limited to adults only, 16 and over. As of 12/19/17, it is CLOSED for temporary maintance and is scheduled to reopen early 2018.

Members are encouraged to check lane availability & class schedules before coming to swim.

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