Gateway Yoga

The Gateway YWCA is happy to be the home for two wonderful Yoga Studios. We offer over 20 Mindful Classes each week between yoga, pilates, and barre for you to choose from.

The Main Yoga Studio is upstairs by the fitness center and is home to most of our yoga classes and our barre classes.

We offer Yoga Basics, All Level Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Senior Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin and Yoga Nidra, Barre, Pilates and even Aerial Yoga. Something for everyone!  Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are well trained in their varying styles to keep you safe, motivated, and ready for your next class!

Yoga is an art, over 2000 years old, that connects the mind, body and spirit. As you move your body through a variety of shapes you will find connection with your breath and your body leaving you refreshed and renewed.

Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice:

  • Connect with Breath and Body
  • Increase Strength
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Restore Balance
  • Relaxes and Renews the Body
  • Decrease Stress Levels

Our classes are free for members and even open to the public for a $10 drop in rate. Class passes are available as well. Some of our instructors are affiliated with nationally recognized programs and offer Positive Body Image Classes and Workshops. Rest assured that yoga is for every-body.


Gateway Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics: A class for beginners to gain knowledge and confidence in the foundational yoga poses. Seasoned practitioners can always benefit from going back to basics. A class for everyone.

My Morning Yoga and Tea: An all level yoga class. Styles vary based on instructors. Purchase a cup of tea afterwards from Twin City Hive to compliment your practice and give you a head start on your day.

Power Yoga: Geared towards students who understand the foundational poses in yoga. This class moves quicker to get your heart pumping and muscles moving.

Restorative Yoga: Using blocks, blankets, and bolsters for support you will spend 5-7 minutes in a variety of shapes to relax and restore the body. Appropriate for all levels.

Senior Yoga: Using the mat and a chair, move your body, connect to your breath and regain flexibility and balance.

Silver Sneakers Yoga: Using only the chair and standing poses to regain flexibility, connect with your breath and increase balance.

Kids Yoga: Ages 3-11 will enjoy this class with a different themed game and story each week.

Yin Yoga: Offered at special times each month, yin yoga releases the fascia or connective tissue in the body for a deeper stretch.

Yoga Nidra: Offered at special times each month, sometimes paired with Yin Yoga, this is a guided meditation to bring harmony to the left and right brain, decrease insomnia, and increase your bodies ability to relax.

Barre: Using the ballet bar and using small movements to firm the body.

Pilates: Designed to increase strength, flexibility and posture.

Aerial Yoga: Using silk hammocks students can suspend themselves off the ground to release tension in the body, increase flexibility and strength. Students must complete “Flight School”, offered quarterly, in order to participate in weekly classes at the YWCA.

Gateway YWCA