YWCA Preventative Health is committed to providing quality programs for disease prevention of the whole family. The programs are designed to educate and empower members to take control of their health journey. Our desire is to help you and your family foster healthy living and reach your wellness potential.

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In an effort to engage in targeted, evidence-based preventive health programs with measurable impact, the YWCA, in collaboration with Novant Health and WFBH, has launched a program called “Gateway to Success.” This program serves Medicaid, dually insured and uninsured patients who are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes. Doctors at the Downtown Health Plaza and in Novant practices refer the patients and follow their progress. The medical professionals provide a behavioral health specialist, dietitian, and wellness coach to meet regularly with participants at the Gateway facility, recognizing both the medical and behavioral issues surrounding diabetes. Here are some of our outcomes so far:

 Average BMI and A1C (indicator of diabetes) scores are decreasing and wellness scores are increasing for 51 patients eligible for quarterly testing 

 58% retention rate for participants, nearly double that of an alternative diabetes program

The participants qualify for memberships at the Gateway facility as a result of a United Way grant. The YWCA upgrades the membership to the family level as an in-kind contribution to encourage family support of the patient’s lifestyle changes. The Gateway staff help participants stay encouraged, engaged and working toward their wellness and nutritional goals. Measurable outcomes change the patients’ A1C level and BMI.


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