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We offer a child watch service for our members while they are participating in Gateway YWCA programs. During their stay children will participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities including but not limited to group fitness classes, rock wall climbing, games, puzzles, arts and crafts, reading circles, and imaginative play. Children are welcome to bring books or homework into our Youth Wellness center, but in an effort to foster an interactive and educational atmosphere electronic devices are strictly forbidden.

All new attendees must fill out a short New Member Registration Form before they drop off their children for the first time to provide us with important parental contact and medical information. A parent or guardian must sign the child in and out during each stay, filling in all necessary information on the sign-in chart. Children can be signed in for a maximum of 1 ½ hours per day (please be respectful of our operating hours, which are listed below) and parents must remain on the premises while their child is signed into a child watch service. If you have any questions regarding our child watch service, activities, or policies please ask our Nursery or Youth Wellness coaches or contact the Youth Wellness Department.

Kidz Zone Hours of Operation

Important Notice: In an effort to protect the other children, our members, and our staff any child with a known contagious illness or who is suspected to be sick will NOT be allowed in our Nursery or Youth Wellness Centers. Our staff has the right to turn away any child they feel is too sick.



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If you have questions, please call… YWCA Wellness Center – 336.354.1589 The Hawley House – 336.721.0733 The Best Choice Center – 336.722.0597

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