The YWCA helps empowers members by making sure your individual wellness goals are our top priority. We do this through the Gateway YWCA Sports and Wellness Center & our Y Wellness program. Whether you’re taking your first steps to a new you or preparing for a triathlon, the Gateway offers a multitude of wellness/fitness classes. Y Wellness addresses health, wellness education and obesity prevention for families and those that battle chronic disease through educational events, cooking classes and fitness opportunities.

Gateway YWCA Sports and Wellness Center: The Gateway YWCA is the city’s ultimate destination for health and wellness for the whole family. Everyday we are making positive changes in the lives of men, women, and children through-out the local community. When you step through our doors you are not just entering a gym, you become a part of a thriving family dedicated to healthy living and bright futures.

We serve over 6,000 individuals
We offer over 100 fitness, wellness, & yoga classes weekly
We have an indoor walking track & a gymnasium with 3 full-size basketball courts

Y Wellness: Gateway Wellness addresses health, wellness, education and obesity prevention for families and those that battle chronic disease. We have YWellness classes and orientations designed for the beginner. Our “Gateway to Success” program serves Medicaid, dually insured and uninsured patients who are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes. Doctors at the Downtown Health Plaza and in Novant practices refer the patients and follow their progress.

Launched program providing on-site access for low-income diabetic patients to a fitness facility, dietitian, behavioral health specialist and wellness coach
58% retention rate for participants, nearly double that of an alternative diabetes program

Gateway YWCA