About Hawley House

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Our Hawley House Program is a Women’s Substance Abuse Recovery Facility that houses women for a period of 9-12 months and offers 6 months of aftercare for women ages 18 and older diagnosed with the disease of addiction. Our goal is to ensure that women maintain their sobriety and become an important part of our community.

Hawley House programming has been instrumental in:

Reuniting families
Providing 365 days of housing
Serving over 12,000 meals
Enrolling women in recovery services
Providing individual & group counseling sessions
Providing over 1500 rides to work
Providing over 26 weeks of case management
Helping 69% of our residents learn to change the way they think & live
Helping 50% of our residents find and keep employment
Helping 81% of our residents complete all of their short & long-term goals

The Hawley House is the only state-licensed residential substance abuse program for women in Forsyth County, and Project New Start is a program for incarcerated and post-release women. Staff and volunteers in the YWCA’s Supportive Services for Women Department provide integrated solutions for Hawley House and Project New Start participants to help them become physically, mentally and spiritually healthy women, free of substance abuse and employed.

The evidenced based model used at the Hawley House program is highly unique and not replicated by other services in Forsyth County.  The unique aspects of this program, which help women facing the serious life and death issues of addiction, include the following:

  • A treatment plan based on individual needs (9, 12, 18 month options)
  • Treatment that includes residential stay and after care
  • Highly structured elements in place to protect the residents in their recovery from addiction:
    1. All female environment
    2. No use of methadone for treatment
    3. Services provided on-site at the Hawley House to reduced interaction with individuals still using drugs or on methadone
    4. Structured program with high accountability conducted in a safe environment to reduce temptations that occur during recovery
    5. Comprehensive program that addresses health outcomes, financial stability, while providing basic needs for the clients we serve

The integrated solutions are accomplished through long-standing coordinating partnerships with organizations such as NC Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Experiment in Self Reliance, WFBH Downtown Health Plaza, Addiction Recovery Care Association (ARCA), Daymark Recovery Services, Crisis Control, and Forsyth Technical Community College.

Six women, age 18+ who have the disease of addiction, can participate in the residential program at a time, with an average of 12 women being served for a portion of each year.

Outcomes sought for clients of The Hawley House and Project New Start include the following: better physical and mental health, gainful employment making a living wage, reliable housing and reunification with families when appropriate.

Hawley House residents are often referred from Project New Start. It is estimated that 40-50% of residents come from this program.

The Hawley House and Project New Start program are important initiatives in the Mayor’s 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness.


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