The YWCA helps empowers low income and at-risk youth to be successful in school by focusing on children’s academic achievement & soft skills development. We achieve this through the Best Choice Center’s After School Program and Summer Camp for children. Also, for over a decade the YWCA has been involved in youth intervention services by operating two well-respected juvenile crime prevention programs – Teen Court and Work & Earn It — funded in part by the North Carolina Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC), the United Way of Forsyth County, and the YWCA.
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Best Choice Center: The Best Choice Center is a well respected academically focused after school program and summer camp for children from low-income families. Children attend the Best Choice Center program as a result of sliding scale scholarship support from United Way.

95% of after school program students maintained a C or higher in math, and 92% in reading

100% of campers enrolled for all weeks of enrichment maintained or improved their reading and math scores

Work & Earn It/Teen Court: The programs are designed to work with youth and their families to ensure youth get back on track after committing minor first time offenses. Teen Court gives first time juvenile offenders the opportunity to perform community service and give back to their community. Juveniles in the Work & Earn It program have committed offenses that they could be incarcerated for; however, through the program they pay restitution or perform community service.

144 juvenile offenders avoided entry to adult judicial system through Work & Earn It
84 teens went to Teen Court, a chance to get back on track after a minor first offense


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