A New Way To Use Your Membership!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina that not only benefits our members but the community. The YWCA values the YMCA shared commitment to healthy living, community involvement, and family values.

Today, YWCA members can enjoy community membership that will include access to our YWCA fitness location as well as all 16 locations of the YMCA of Northwest NC. This is a reciprocity agreement, so the YMCA of Northwest NC members will also have access to the YWCA fitness facility of Winston Salem and Forsyth County.

The YWCA and YMCA are still individual nonprofits who have come together to open our doors to the community in order to expand the services we both strive to provide and accomplish the missions we both value, change for life.



YWCA and YMCA Partnership FAQ

What are the restrictions to participate in the partnership?

  • The reciprocal membership partnership is valid for YWCA full facility/full privilege members only. Participants of certain types of memberships may upgrade to a full membership at any time to qualify. See below for more details of the types of memberships that are to remain at the Gateway only.
    • MS Fit
    • Piedmont International University
    • Prime
    • Silver & Fit

If I visit a YMCA, will I need to sign a guest waiver?

  • Upon the first visit to a new location, members will need to complete some brief paperwork in regards to emergency contact information and liability waivers. Please bring your YWCA membership card and a photo ID to ensure a smooth and successful first visit.

Do I scan my YWCA card or do I have to have another card?

  • Yes, your YWCA membership card is required in order to gain access to the facility. No new cards will be issued as the YWCA and YMCA are still separate nonprofits.

Do YWCA members get program discounts at YMCA locations?

  • Yes, all reciprocal members of the YWCA and the YMCA will receive the benefit of member rates on programs. Program discounts will not apply at YMCAs outside of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina.

Can program registration take place at any location?

  • Program registration must take place at the location where the program will be held.

What if I have paid for multiple months in advance?

  • Advanced membership payment will be honored for the duration of the prior received payment. Upon your next payment, the new member rate will be applied.

How will the money from membership increases be applied?

  • Membership dollars are spread over several different areas from daily maintenance to our mission. This first membership rate increase since our opening is a necessity due to inflation but we are pleased to offer the additional value of 16 local locations to your membership.

What if I have a membership at both the YWCA and the YMCA?

  • Only one membership is needed to use the YMCA and YWCA now. We encourage you to determine the location you use most, your “home base”, and cancel the other membership. “

What does “home base” mean?

  • The “home base” is the location which the member visits 51% or more of the time. All current YWCA members will begin this partnership with YWCA fitness facility as their “home base”. The YMCA and YWCA will be conducting quarterly reviews monitoring member visitation. During these quarterly reviews, members will be notified if a “home base” change will be taking place. A “home base” change will not affect a member’s ability to visit other locations.

If I register for a program at the YWCA and one at the YMCA, do I have to pay a double registration fee?

  • Similar programs are offered at both the YWCA and YMCAs; however programs are unique and organized by each individual location. This means that program registration must take place at the location where the program will be held. Program fees are determined by each individual location.

Can Gateway YWCA Silver & Fit members use the YMCA’s of Northwest NC?

  • Silver & Fit membership is specific and limited to the location in which the member enrolled.

Are the Gateway YWCA membership prices similar to YMCA?

  • Membership rate determination includes a variety of factors from facility square footage to comparable programming. These factors were all considered when determining our new membership pricing.

What will happen to my favorite exercise classes?

  • Member feedback and class size monitoring help our directors determine the exercise classes offered. Please continue to provide the director of each department with your feedback to ensure we continue to meet the needs and wants of our members.

Will staffing change here?

  • Since the YWCA and YMCA are still separate organizations, staffing additions and changes fall under the responsibility of each individual organization.

I am a charter member and was told my membership would never go up. So does this increase not apply to me?

  • This increase applies to anyone with any type of Adult members, Adult with Dependent or Family membership. This includes charter memberships in these membership types.

If I do not plan to use the YMCA locations, does my membership have to increase?

  • The membership rate increase is not a result of this partnership.

Can I go to a different location before November 1st?

  • Both the YWCA and the YMCA want to encourage their members to continue using their current facility or “home base” location, until November 1st. However, if upcoming programs or member needs are specific to a new available location, members can begin this transition prior to the 1st and will be happily welcomed and accommodated.

Why is the YWCA doing this?

  • This partnership as stated in the opening paragraph; it is for the community

What are the locations of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina?

  • Alexander County Family YMCA
  • Barium Springs Family YMCA
  • Davie Family YMCA
  • Fulton Family YMCA
  • Innovation Quarter YMCA
  • Jerry Long Family YMCA
  • Kernersville Family YMCA
  • Robinhood Road Family YMCA
  • Statesville Family YMCA
  • Stokes Family YMCA
  • Wells Fargo Express YMCA
  • Wilkes Express YMCA
  • Wilkes Family YMCA
  • William G. White, JR. Family YMCA
  • Winston Lake Family YMCA
  • Yadkin Family YMCA
  • For more information on the YMCA locations, please visit http://ymcanwnc.org/locations

Thank you for being a valued member of the YWCA and for supporting us as we increase your opportunities as well as ours to make a change for life.

Gateway YWCA