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Your tax deductible donations support programs offered by the YWCA of Winston-Salem.

YWCA Wellness CenterYWCA Substance Abuse Center for WomenYWCA Education Equality Program for Children
Greg Fagg
VP of Operations
Denita Mitchell
Program Director
Marilyn Odom
VP of Youth Services
Constance Poe
Gateway to Success Director & Wellness Coach
Mildred Houser
Childcare Coordinator
Jennifer Allen
Wellness Director
Quinten Henighen
Work & Earn It Program
Laura Quentin
Operations Director
Greg Squires
Teen Court Program Coordinator
Roxsan Kelly
Case Manager

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Gateway Fitness Center

  • Phone

    (336) 354-1589

Postal Address

Gateway YWCA
1300 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Administrative Office

  • Phone

    (336) 722-5138

Postal Address

YWCA of Winston-Salem
318 Indera Mills Ct.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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If you have questions, please call… YWCA Wellness Center – 336.354.1589 The Hawley House – 336.721.0733 The Best Choice Center – 336.722.0597

Gateway YWCA